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Snow has started to fall in D.C. Being from Michigan, I don’t understand the fuss that it causes here, but I love to find a little cozy refuge as much as the next person.

Nothing warms the blood like a little bourbon and nothing says bourbon like Old Glory in Georgetown.

Walking into the Americana-themed bar, currently decked out in classic holiday décor, the long wooden bar, wooden booths and worn, character-filled stools instantly introduce a casual vibe ideal for after-work happy hours, meeting friends or watching the game.

The tagline of the bar is “All American Barbeque.” I happened to be meeting a friend of mine who hails from North Carolina—meaning their Southern cuisine was about to be put to the test.

Old Glory is located on M Street in Georgetown

Old Glory is located on M Street in Georgetown

Our waiter, Eric, came over and briefed us on Happy Hour: 3-7 p.m., half price on all drafts and $5 food specials. When they didn’t have a menu actually showing what the food specials were, I was given a curious look as they saw me jot down the specials on the paper tabletop. Just fulfilling my journalistic duty! (And who is supposed to remember everything?) Mac ‘n cheese balls, pulled pork Cubano bites, pork tacos and pico de gallo tater tots were the specials of the day.

We put in an order for Cubano bites and mac ‘n cheese balls then turned to the drink list. Now from my past posts, my bias towards Belgium whites may have become apparent. Breaking the mold, I went with the Old Glory Stout and the choice paid off.  A deliciously chocolaty beer, the color was dark and the flavor full. I also didn’t feel like I had just eaten a whole loaf of bread after I enjoyed the last sip—my usual complaint with stouts.

When we finished the food, both of us were plenty full and happy with our choices. While we had earlier drooled over the entrees (the brisket sounded pretty fantastic), we didn’t want to overdo things. Another day…

The Cubano Bites along side our beers!

The Cubano bites along side our beers!

The Mac 'n Cheese Balls

The mac ‘n cheese balls

Of the two food specials we ordered, I preferred the Cubano bites. Cut into pieces and paired with crunchy pickles, they were lighter than the fried mac ‘n cheese balls and pulled in a nice combination of flavors. The real winners, however, were the sauces that came with each appetizer. Zingy and bright, they gave each dish the right finishing touch.

The lineup of Old Glory BBQ sauces

The lineup of Old Glory BBQ sauces on each table

I have to say that my favorite aspect about this bar has nothing to do with their happy hour. Along the walls of the first floor are rows of little plaques boasting the names of committed bourbon drinkers who complete the Old Glory challenge.  “Bourbon Club” members have one year to taste each bourbon on the extensive list. Once completed, their name is immortalized along the wall—a fun challenge that keeps people coming back for more!

While happy hour was sparsely attended while we were there, Eric said that it varies by time and day. He mentioned that the lunch rush had been particularly packed earlier on. He also said that the upstairs patio is a big draw during nicer weather but can still be enjoyed thanks to heaters in later months.

All in all, I was expecting a little more buzz during happy hour at Old Glory but the whiskey-lover in me left very happy and with a very positive outlook on the staff, service and selection of food and drink. I will be back in pursuit of my own little plaque!

Where:  3139 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

When: 3 – 7 p.m.

(Photo Credit: Mikayla Bouchard)